HEG2100A Enterprise Gateway

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HEG2100A là thành viên của Dòng thiết bị Enterprise Gateway Device Series. Thiết bị cung cấp các chức năng mạnh mẽ, hiệu suất cao, cấu hình dễ dàng, sử dụng thuận tiện, linh hoạt và bảo mật đáng tin cậy, cung cấp sơ đồ mạng linh hoạt, bảo mật và an toàn. Ngoài các chức năng chung của gateway băng thông rộng, HEG2100A còn hỗ trợ truy cập mạng 3G / 4G, ngăn chặn tấn công, kiểm soát truy cập, bộ lọc nội dung, kiểm soát QoS, VPN, chống tấn công ARP, quản lý từ xa, dịch vụ in, v.v. Và còn các chức năng khác được cung cấp, chẳng hạn như mobile phone clock-in, giám sát video, sổ địa chỉ nhân viên, Internet fax và lịch trình.



l  High bandwidth Internet access and all existing access authentication methods are supported,which enable you to quickly browse all kinds of information on the Internet,send and receive E-mails and etc.

l Access Internet via WAN connection and 3G/4G wireless connection at the same time without interruptions. Normally, the 3G/4G wireless connection is on standby, once WAN connection comes down, it will switch to 3G/4G wireless connection immediately,ensuring no information is lost.

l  One WAN and fourLAN interfaces are provided; their speed rate is 1000Mbps, fully guaranteeing the Internet bandwidth requirement.

l  ARP attack protection is supported, by using attack protection, free broadcast message and resource restraint of attacks, ARP attack can be effectively prevented.

l  ARP Spoofing Protection is supported. Through IP/MAC address binding and regular sending of ARP Free Message, spoofing and ARP spoofing caused by poisoning LAN computer can be avoided.

l  Network speed ratelimiting based on ports, IP or protocols are supported. Upstream/downstream speed rate of each PC that connected to Gateway Device can be controlled to avoid excessive consumption of resources.

l  Network AddressTranslation (NAT) is supported, which is mainly used when outside net needs to visit a company's in-house server.

l  Diverse VPNs are supported, for your flexible, convenient and security remote access to the company’s internal database.

l WLAN (WirelessLocal Area Network) function is provided. Staffs can enjoy a simple, convenient and flexible Internet connection.

l Powerful contentfilter function is supported. Specified web pages can be filtered to restrictuser access and simplify admin management, as well as improve productivity.

l  Flexible access control function based on IP/MAC address and control of access object issupported, which facilitates administrators to manage user.

l Remote management is supported. It allows administrators to login remotely for configurations or trouble shooting.

l Flexible VLAN is supported, which can conveniently configure different VLAN for different divisions, to effectively ensure the independence of each division’s network.

l Video monitoring is supported. Administrators can manage camera of Gateway Device via WAN or LAN connection, helping manager to master the company’s dynamic condition and understand staffs’ working state.

l Mobile phone Checking-in function is supported. Staffs need to install software on their mobile phones, then they can clock-in/out and view their clock-in/out log viatheir mobile phones.

l Staff Address bookis provided and quick query is allowed for more convenient contact. Meanwhile,clients’ contact information can be stored as well for higher work efficiency.




Standards  and Protocols



LAN: 4*1000Mbps(support  auto adaptation) RJ45 port

WAN:1*1000Mbps(support  auto adaptation) RJ45port


W×H×D (mm)   215*35*136

Using Environment

Working  temperature: 0~40℃

Storing  temperature:-25~55℃

Working  humidity: 5%~90%

Storing humidity:0%~95%

Power Supply

DC  12V(9V~18V)  


Typical Application

HEG2100A provides double WAN backup access mode. And support standard 3G/4G communication business for WCDMA/CDMA2000/TD-SCDMA/FDD-LTE/TD-LTE. The product offers 4 Ethernet ports. Meantime provide 802.11b/g/n Protocol WIFI access function. It can easily establish wire and wireless networking environment

Applicaion-1 WAN and 3G/4G Wireless Backup Application


HEG2100A supports IPSec VPN, SSL VPN and L2TP VPN three VPN modes, providing remote access function to users.

Applicaion-2 VPN Application

Applicaion-3 VLAN Application

HEG2100A provides a variety of security features which can filter and control access terminal and access to content (on-line game, on-line shopping).

Unique Function

Huahuan HEG2100A Enterprise Gateway can provide many unique functions, such as mobile phone clock-in, video monitoring, documentation printing, data sharing etc., which are valuable and convenient for the customers especially via the cell phone APP.

By connecting with HEG2100A, it can realize the mobile clock-in via the cell phone to avoid the queuing problem during morning rush hour.

Applicaion-1 Mobile Phone Clock-in

HEG2100A can support both the local video monitoring and remote motoring.

Applicaion-2 Video Monitoring

HEG2100A can use the cell phone to print the documentations.

Applicaion-3 Documentation Print

Connecting the mobile storage device with HEG2100A via USB port, it can realize the resource sharing among clients.

Applicaion-4 Data Sharing

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